Triple Crown CrossFit & Striking

Boot Camps:

11 and Over Camps:

We offer a very unique boot camp that is scalable for kids 11 and over.  The boot camp consists of a wide variety of fitness activities in a safe and friendly environment. Attendees work on basics including but not limited to the air squat, soft box jump, ball slams, wall balls, pushups, sit ups, burpees, short runs, bag punches & kicks and of course rope slams.  The more athletic the kid, the higher the jumps, the heavier the ball, the faster the sprints.  So regardless if you are off season conditioning, strengthening and working on your agility or if you are simply trying to stop holding down the couch. this camp will help you increase your fitness.  You will hit, lift & throw things!

Ave Joes & Janes Camp:

We offer a very unique boot camp for those of you trying to get in shape before you start working out.  This camp introduces you to air squats, the concept2 row and ski machines, wall balls, slams and sit-ups, knee and standard push ups.   Depending upon your goals and fitness levels, you may also be introduced to some basic lifts, pulls, pushes.  Additionally, you will increase cardio through the use of short interval based training.   You will hit, lift & throw things!

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